Andy, Tim, Michael

As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Did I say we were selling the "You Are Dignified" EP? Well, we were. But we're not selling it anymore, I'm afraid - we're clean out of 'em.

Sorry about that. You can buy it from Reckless, or from your local independent retailer. You can also go here and amuse yourself at our, my, and my brothers' expense.


How long has it been? Two months? More than two months? That is a long, long time.

Things have been happening though. We've all been working and doing our things. Andy bought a house here in Chicago. My cat started peeing on everything. We all got older, I'm sure you've noticed that. And we did start recording some new music at Electrical, music which will likely be released someday in the future; and we've made plans for a few shows in the Fall, which there will be alerts as to the details here at some point soon.

That's it though. Ha! Got to get the cookies out of the oven! That's right: chocolate chip cookies for me! Hallelujah!


We got more stuff out! More stuff! Can't have enough stuff. It's a 5-song EP called You Are Dignified, all acoustic covers of songs by Pavement, Shellac, Nina Nastasia, Robbie Fulks, and Bedhead. Fuckin right on, that is just awesome! Who released that shit? I'll tell you right now man, it's out on Touch&Go in N. America and 12XU in lots of other places. You can also buy it from us, if you wanna.

More news in, like, three months.


Tim mentioned something about this on the message board, and I am going to reiterate it here: The Hideout, where we're playing on Friday, has limited capacity in this post-Great-White era. The show starts at 10:00, but if you really want to get in I suggest you get there pretty early. I may be full of shit, maybe there'll be plenty of room and we'll be all alone and frightened; but just in case, you should come down early. You couldn't find a better place to wait a while.

I do hope to see you there.


Not alot is new. Winter is slowly losing its grip on this miserable town. We're heading for Texas later this week, and looking forward to it; and we're playing at the Hideout the weekend after. Looking forward to that, too. Non stop rock! And by then I expect we'll be seeing Mister Sun far more often, thank goodness for that.

I've changed the format of the photographs page, and added some shots of the Italy trip. Please check them out, and of course go to the upcoming rock shows, as they are the last ones for at least a little while.

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