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As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Okay, too much time spent fooling around with this thing. The photographs page, I'm so into it. I'm too into it. I improved it and added to it. Somebody help me!


At least now that I've got this thing at home I can update it all the time. It's always going down and the message board is still fucked up but it's getting close to being done. Actually it might be fixed now, it might be.

So we are indeed playing a couple shows next month, one in Chicago at Lounge Axe on the 17th, one in Milwaukee at the L'il Poodle-Humper on the 18th. I think. Don't quote me. We're also playing some shows, tentatively at this point but pretty likely, with Seam in Vancouver and Seattle and Portland in January, maybe the 13th to 15th. How's that?

Oh: Andy wanted me to make it so the photographs would get bigger when you looked at them. They get real big now; if they're too big and you can't deal with it, tell me and I'll make them a little smaller.


Hello. Sorry things have been a little screwed up. Maybe the problem is that when I leave for the day my cats climb around on my keyboard and fuck with things and shut the server down. I don't really care, though, so as long as no one complains too much I won't worry about it. Just know that if you come here one day and it's not working, come back tomorrow and it's bound to be back.

I keep adding photographs to the photographs page. I think the message board is working correctly now. Any other news? Oh, we are indeed playing a show in Chicago and, I think, in Milwaukee in December - I think it's the 17th in Chicago and, tentatively, the 18th in Milwaukee, but don't hold me to it just yet.

That's all for now. I hope everyone is well. I've got to take a nap. Then I'm goin' on a rampage!


I'm staying home tonight. The last two nights were enough to last me for a while.

I think this new site is just about working. I'm gonna try to make it easier to update it, add photographs, say funny stuff, all that, but that might take a bit of work. At any rate, change your bookmarks (if you've got any) and I will leave that other site alone from now on. Soon it will fade away into a funny little page that sends people here.

So Tim and I went to Washington DC to see Andy play in Bush, and it was true - he played in Bush. He played guitar. He hung out backstage, signed autographs, stayed in a nice hotel, had a lackey who put his guitar on his shoulder for him, and he played Bush songs in front of 60,000 bizarre teenage Limp Bizkit fans.

The funny thing about it, to me, was how un-spectacular it was. I think that after music reaches a certain level of popularity, it starts to matter little who is making it - the music and the musicians all become part of this collective movement, chugging ahead under the power of the kids. All those kids were going crazy, and it was a puzzle trying to figure out why - what were they doing here? What were they all so excited about? It seems like when you're young, the whole world is an excuse to party - you're not charmed music, you're more taken away by this mob mentality. I mean, that's what it seemed like for these kids - the ones that weren't collapsing from exhuastion, or getting molested in the mosh pit, or weeping because Gavin wouldn't fuck them. Anyway, the experience definitely de-mystified the rock star mystique for me. After this long you'd think I'd have gotten over it long ago, but for some reason I never did.

I videotaped a bunch of the show. Once I figure out how it all works, I'll put some of it up here.

That's all for now. Andy's running around the country interviewing at law firms, Tim's in school, I'm working at the place that makes the software that makes the photographs page such a red-hot basket of good times. I'll write more as the action unfolds.


See? Now that's something, isn't it? I haven't been entirely useless. I will continue this trend by actually writing something here in the next week or so, how's that?

Thanks to Eric B. for being such a big help. Goodnight for now.

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