Our first single, "Slipstream/Inside Outside," was released by Mark Minkler on his Punchdrunk label in 1991. Since then, friends have offered to put out singles, some of our record labels have put them out, and we've put out at least one. All the singles listed here are included in the Matador release, Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn Now and Then. Some are still available; others are long gone. Go to the record shop to see what's around. Or, go back to the ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY.  

Slipstream/ Inside Outside

Our first single, and the first recording we did in Seattle after Michael joined the band. For some godforsaken reason we had a "manager," Richard White, who arranged to have us record for practically nothing in the voice-over room of some commercial video editing studio downtown. The first time I heard this on the radio, driving some old guy into town in my cab, I nearly wrecked.

The Chain/Our Secret

This one we put out ourselves. It was like a little art project.

Tim and Joel got all excited by "The Chain," and "Our Secret," we played that one all the time. So we put them both on a record.

Violet/Around a Light

"Violet" was always a big hit. A real rocker. "Around a Light" was alway a hoot to play. We tried it again more recently. I can't remember how it sounded, but we didn't try it too many more times, if that's any indication.

In the Bleak Midwinter/The Little Drummer Boy

This was a C/Z Christmas single. Michael played drums for Engine Kid on "Little Drummer Boy;" that was just after what's-his-name and just before Jade, who's now rolling in dough because Lucky Me got on some soundtrack and here I am slaving away at my goddamn day job after so many years. It's not right, I tell you, it's just not right.

Into the Woods/Incanduce California

"Into the Woods" was the song that everyone yelled for until Andy finally got sick of playing it. "Incanduce" is on In The West as a rocker; I think we tried to play quiet to mock some asswipe club owner, played "Incanduce" in this sort of American Music Club way, and liked it enough to record it.

Never Met a Man I Didn't Like/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

A single on Matador! What a hoot. "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" was recorded while we were making a Coca-Cola commercial with Steven Malkmus. If there's a lucrative market for those two 30-second Coke songs, which never were released, please let me know.

Quicksand/On the Road, One More Time

"Quicksand" is a fun song. I think it's about being kidnapped. On the Road is one of Tim's 4-track projects, which have stacked up for years. He's probably got about a ten-CD set's worth, if any trustfunders out there have some free time. This came out on Jon Solomon's My Pal God label. Hey! Jon's our booking agent now! We're all very happy about that.

Couldn't You Wait?/The Grand Tour

(you can listen to this one)

Ooh, another Matador release! This came out in Europe when Matador started distributing Libertine there. "The Grand Tour," man I don't think we'll ever get a drumset to sound so swell again. This also came out as a CD single with an alternate take of "Grotto of Miracles" on it. I wanna do it with that gal on the cover, I really do. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image.

...his absence is a blessing

Some people still think this is the best thing we've ever done. This was our introduction to Steve Albini, which was a revelation and a shock. "Scruffy Tumor" is my favorite song from the Joel era, with the layered guitars and the groovy different rhythms just a-shakin' your booty.

The Marco Collins Sessions

Marco put out "...his absence." He's been a DJ at The End in Seattle for years and years. He quit a few months ago and people wept. I think he's starting his own record label, which may mean he's going to get the rest of the "...his absence" EPs out of his closet and give them to us. They've been in his closet for a very long time now.

The Money Shot Single

Tim Cook was the first person who ever actually liked our band. These songs are both on Blueblood, but they're different and in some ways both more rockin and more prettier. Get down! Yeah!