...his absence is a blessing

1993 Stampede 001

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From the back cover:

Men do not know the natural
infirmity of their mind:
it does nothing but ferret and
quest, and keeps incessantly
whirling around, building up
and becoming entangled in its
own work, like our silkworms,
and is suffocated in it...
It thinks it notices from a
distance some sort of glimmer 
of imaginary light and truth;
but while running toward 
it, it is crossed by so many new
quests, that it strays from 
the road, bewildered.
- Montaigne, "Of Experience"

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Scruffy Tumor

I wish I could take this moment and freeze it
'cause it's the time when it's going my way
and my way's the only way to preserve our bliss
a beating heart, a pumping fist
I can taste your lips

And you know that sometimes I feel like taking my time
and you know if you don't like you can suck me
I'm in my prime
and in all that sucking you know that there's some hope
after all, don't we sing like angels
when properly stroked?

And after I reject her at night with all my spite
and I see in the morning you know she's still my wife
and I get what I want you know like a fish with a broken fin
and I'll hold the knife and feel the grease run down my chin