Silkworm records seem to come out about once a year. Since L'ajre, which we released on our own label, we've been lucky enough to be able to find record labels interested in putting these things out. I don't know why, since it's almost always a money-losing proposition, but we try not to discourage them.

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All sorts of people have put out Silkworm singles, and continue to do so. We've never been interested in glutting the market, but sometimes you take what you can get. You can see the Silkworm singles discography here.



Released late 1992 on Temporary Freedom. The band's first full-length release. 1,000 were pressed and gradually sold over the course of about 5 years; now, in the words of David Lee Roth, "everybody wants one."
In The West
Recorded March of '93; released on C/Z records in 1994. No other record label was interested, so we went with the sleaziest indie we could find. Luckily we planned ahead and were able to worm our way out of our contract when things got ugly.
Recorded May 1994 at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesesota, released late '94. Was it foolish to put out two records in one year? I don't know, but at any rate, this one went down like a lead zeppelin. Now some people seem to think it's the best thing Silkworm ever did. Go figure.
The first Matador release, out in Spring of 1996. This was the first record we made with little financial constraint, allowing for multiple takes and a brief comfortable lifestyle. I think Matador thought we'd be the next, I don't know, Barbara Manning or something.
The second Matador record, recorded in Seattle in 1997 and released in the Fall. Nobody likes this record at first, then about six months later they can't listen to anything else. I've put some sound clips up for it so you can listen to it, too.
Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn Now and Then The final Matador release, a 2-CD compilation of almost everything released from 1990-'94, and some more stuff too. L'ajre, His Absence is a Blessing, and all the singles.
Ein Heit -- The Lightning and The Sun Silkworm was originally formed back in 1987 out of the ashes of Ein Heit, a band fronted by the friendly fascist J.K. Manlove. This recording reunited the present Silkworm with Joel Phelps. We played a show together recently. Read about it, unless you're busy with other things.
Blueblood Blueblood was our first Touch&Go release. I'm assuming we'll be doing more, I mean, it looks like we will. If you're curious, you listen to this one.
The Crust Brothers -- Marquee Mark We played this fantastic rock show with Steven Malkmus last Winter. God knows if such a thing will ever happen again, but it was a real treat and, well, I'll be damned! Some sonofabitch has gone and put out this fantastic recording of it!
Lifestyle As it turns out, we do get to put out another record on touch&Go. Lord knows how long this routine will last. I expect it will last until the moon falls out of the sky, but I might be wrong.