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Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



From what I've heard, our new record, It'll Be Cool, is officially released today. Hot balls! I don't have all the information about it just yet, but I will soon, please believe me, I will. And we'll have it for sale, I bet you $1 we will. There's other news, too, but I'm going to wait a few days before I post that news because I want to get some photographs developed. Otherwise you may not believe me. So - more news coming soon. We've got some shows coming up in November, too, so pay attention!


Has it been that long? I've been investing all my time - that's right, all of it - in writing the tour journals, so read those before you accuse any of us of being lazy, or worthless, or anything else.

I'm going to do a little cross-promotion here, hopefully no one will mind. For the past nearly three years, I've been editing a full-length documentary by Vickie Hunter (or Midgett-Hunter - Vickie is Tim's, you know, wife) and Heather Whinna (you may know her as a producer). The film is about Christian indie rock. It's called "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?" You can read about the film here. It's premiering on August 22nd, and playing again on August 23rd, as part of the Chicago Underground Film Festival. You should all try to attend. That is all I will say about that.

We've got a record called "It'll Be Cool" that's coming out on September 14th. We've got some shows coming up after that, which I won't say much about until I know more about them. Babies will be born and weddings will be celebrated - but I'll talk about that when there's more to say. I just got back from a long weekend in gloriously sunny Seattle, and here in Chicago it's pouring rain and storm and wind, and I would like to be sleeping.


It's a sunny day in Chicago, Illinois. I just finished talking to a fellow in Columbus, Ohio, about the history of our rock band, about our love for Columbus, about other bullshit. I wanted to be funny, but it didn't work out - I may have said three funny things. That's not good enough.

This is just a simple way of saying that we're playing two shows in Ohio this coming weekend (Bowling Green and Columbus), and that we're playing four shows in Japan in July (two shows in Tokyo, one in Osaka and one in Kobe). You can read about any of these events by clicking on the eyeball.

That's all for now. We will see you soon.

And not only that - I just realized that the blather on this web page goes back... let's see how long... over seven years. First blather is from Missoula, Montana on April 30th, 1997. That was actually before this site existed, but still.


Alright - new news. Uh... we went to Austin, Texas, that was fun. You can read about it in the tour journal if you like.

We may have finished recording this strange record, a record (or CD some might call it) that will be coming out, I believe, sometime this Fall.

We appear to be heading to Japan sometime in July, right around the 13th through the 20th, playing shows around Kobe and around Tokyo and maybe Osaka. Something like that. I don't know! I've never been to Japan! And neither have you, so you should come on over. We'll be like babes in the wood - but together, in a herd. Actually, maybe some of you are in Japan. In that case, you should just come on over to the rock shows. We'll be fightin' mad. We'll be spittin' fire.

I'll post actual dates when I know them for certain.

Is there anything else? Anything? Nothing much. I think I might do a minor overhaul of this site soon, just for kicks. We'll see. I'll do it, though, and it'll look just the same as before. All that hard work for nothing. Life is never fair.


Look what I found! An interview with Andy's mama.

Other than that? Not much. Playing South by Southwest soon enough - not sure exactly where yet, you'll know as soon as I do. Finishing a record sometime, & dreaming up all sorts of fantastic ways to spend our vacation time this year. I'm sure you're all doing the same, yes? Oh, yes, Michael. Yes, that's all we ever do around here.

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