The Crust Brothers -- Marquee Mark


Telemomo 001 1998

The Crust Brothers are Andy Cohen, Michael Dahlquist, Steven Malkmus, and Tim Midgett

Track listing, with more information than you could ever possibly use:

You all know these songs so I am not going to list the lyrics!

This show was a benefit for the Washington Wilderness Coalition. They're a fine group of people in, well, in Washington who do all they can to stop logging companies from grazing on our glorious forests like goats out to pasture.

To buy this thing, here's what you do:

Send $15.00 (that's $12.00 plus $3.00 for shipping, please don't be mad at us if you paid a full $15.00 for it when we were on tour, I feel just awful about it) CASH (send certified mail if you like) to

6111 North Paulina
Chicago, IL 60660

Now please let me get on with my work.

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