Seattle, Crocodile Cafe
This was a great show. It really was great fun. I feel bad because I know there were people that wanted to come who couldn't, either because they were snowed in or they were too young or for some other perfectly good reason, but oh it was fun. It was packed, Martha Plimpton was in the front row screaming, most everyone I hoped would come was there, everyone got along, the crowd was vast and festive but remarkably attentive, even for Fred Armisen who has this remarkably funny and odd show. I can't imagine a a better crowd, I can't!

I can only say so much. Everyone was oozing glamorous goo. We were all feeling good. We played a bunch of songs, we played Led Zeppelin and Mott the Hoople and Small Faces and Cars songs. Robbie Fulks did two Dylan songs with us, and the second one was stunning. We played for two hours! Right? Two hours? I think that's right, and people stuck around and seemed to enjoy it all. I'm sure I'll hear otherwise at some point but it was a total gas. By the end I felt good not just having had a good night, not just having played, but having been a part of this night which ended up being such a pleasure - it was a good feeling, the sort of feeling that can make up for many a bad feeling. That's a very good way to start a year, let me tell you!

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