Upcoming Shows

I think it's okay for me to admit that we're touring with Shellac in August.

We're not playing a whole bunch. It's a tour of Canada, really, Canada and Minnesota. Canada, Minnesota and Seattle. It's being called the "Canadian Slab" tour, or something like that. If you'd like to come up with the perfect name for the tour - something we can use in our extensive marketing campaign - feel free to post it on the message board.

Oh, why don't I just give you the itinerary (as I know it - subject to change, of course) and you can see for yourself.

7:00 PM!! Early show!
10th and Pike
Friday, August 20th, 1999

Starfish Room
Click here for directions
Saturday, August 21th, 1999

The Limit
1318 Broad Street
Sunday, August 22th, 1999

Kelowna, BC
Monday, August 23rd, 1999

Calgary Multi-Cultural Center
You know better than I do
Calgary, AB
Tuesday, August 24th, 1999

Silver Slipper
Nothlands Exhibition Grounds
Edmonton, AB
Wednesday, August 25th, 1999

Student Union
University of Regina
Regina, SK
Thursday, August 26th, 1999

Royal Albert
You'll have to ask around
Winnepeg MT
Friday, August 27th, 1999

Norshore Theatre
With the "Tooth Faeries" 
211 E. Superior Street
Saturday, August 28th, 1999

7th Street Entry
You know where this one is
Saturday, August 29th, 1999

So that's the story. Then we go to Chicago to do some recording, and I fly home early so that I don't lose my job.

I think that all of the shows but Duluth are with just Silkworm and Shellac - which is okay by me. As I said before, all shows and dates and locations are subject to change. I'll make a note of changes and confirmations as they come in.

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